About Us

Sino Pride Development Limited (the "Sino Pride") has incorporated in Hong Kong since 1989, and it is also the regional headquarter and an operational center in Greater China Region.

Sino Pride is dedicated to asset and fund management of commercial properties in worldwide. We aim at becoming a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. We believe our expertise in development and acquisition of commercial properties like office buildings, shopping malls, apartments and hotels will enable us to achieve long term return and capital appreciation.

In order to generate the highest possible return for investors, we manage assets proactively to maintain a strong and long-term income, maximize cashflow through rental value and appreciation of the portfolio and conduct prudent debt management. With our premium quality management services, we add values to both our users and our clients. It enhances our reputation and intrinsic value of our portfolios absolutely in turn.

Sino Pride Development Limited (the "Sino Pride") is a subsidiary of the Victory Commercial Management Inc. (the "Group").  博泰發展有限公司(「博泰」)為跨國集團勝利商業管理有限公司(「勝利商業」)的附屬公司。